Send Gifts Direct to Others

If your concerned if gifts sent in the post direct to loved ones will look presentable, if they will find out how much you paid or even know who its from, then worry no more!

We are pleased to say we have covered all these points and more for you! 

First of all we can deliver each gift individually wrapped as shown below

Not only that but we will also send a delivery note, which will not show the prices but will show who its form and even has space for your own personal message!

So why not send your gifts direct to your loved ones and save on the double post age or travel costs!

Hassle Free and Simple to Do!

It really is a hassle-free option!  And to make it simpler, below are the simple steps to follow when ordering to let us know who to send to and what your personal message is!


  1. When ordering click the “Sending direct as a gift to others?” box as shown below and enter the name and address of where to send your gift.

2. To send you personal message, simply type it into the“Add your personal message here(optional)” box.

3. Complete the order and payment and then sit back and let us handle the rest!

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!