Our Story

All parents of newborn’s and not so newborn’s have been there, sleepless nights because baby isn’t sleeping and when baby does sleep, you’re still laying there worrying about everything! Are they too hot, too cold, had enough to eat, sleeping enough, sleeping too much (in the day!) the list goes on.

Many friends were also starting families and facing the same challenges and worries.  “Helping my baby sleep” continues to be one of the most searched for items on Google and as parents of  babies that, in our opinion, didn’t sleep too well for quite a while we wanted to see if there were any new ways of helping parents help babies sleep (or at least help us feel our baby is as safe and comfy as possible), that is where our journey with bubba bambu started.

Alongside that we are mindful about our children’s future, with all the press and focus on climate change and various environmental concerns we wanted to try and do our bit to help and enable others to also do there’s.  Bamboo, we discovered, is an amazing and versatile fabric which hosts so many benefits for babies and toddlers and is so much more beneficial to the environment than other fabric such as cotton.

After many conversations and months of research into various manufacturers, we found those who adhere to our values and work ethics including the fair treatment of staff and good working conditions.

Watch our video below to see a short video of our quality inspections on our China manufacturers.

So, after several years of research and building a small but brilliant team we are so excited to introduce you to the first product range.

Whether it’s the multiple uses of our bamboo swaddles, super absorbent bamboo towels, temperature regulating and soft bamboo blankets and sheets, we hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.

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Vanessa Henneker

Daniel Cole